Chazz brings a unique perspective to the table that shines through in his speaking engagements. A young Black male that has earned an Ivy League degree and found major success in a sport long dominated by white athletes. More importantly, however, is his recognition of the idea that the sport is bigger than him, and that the most significant benefit of success in lacrosse is the platform it provides him to influence and benefit others.

Woodson has an innate ability to reach young people on their level. And by virtue of both his profession and character, his message of GREAT living is relevant to a tremendously varied audience. Because the core ideas that make up The GREAT Life are applicable in so many different areas of adolescent and adult life, the message that Chazz sends is appropriate for youth groups, high school and collegiate athletes, as well as professionals young and old.

He is able to present his message formally at awards ceremonies, fundraisers, and school assemblies. And he can present the message equally as well in a more casual setting such as post game functions, camps, or at tournaments. No matter the audience or the venue, Chazz Woodson has a knack for motivating and inspiring the best in people.