"Having known him for over twenty years, I can say with complete confidence that Chazz Woodson is not only an elite lacrosse player and athlete, but he is also an excellent teacher of the Game. Chazz understands the Game at its most fundamental level and is able to share that knowledge in a productive, challenging, yet fun way with young players. You are sure to benefit from the Chazz’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of the Game."

- Neil Duffy
• Asst. Coach, Norfolk Academy
• Author of The Spirit in the Stick
• Co-captain of the 1984 U.S. Naval Academy’s lacrosse team
• Keynote speaker at 2009 US Lacrosse Youth Council Awards Breakfast

For 9 years, The Woodson Lacrosse Camp has served as the premier instructional camp for players in South Florida. Over the course of 9 years, our staff has been made up up some of the best coaches and players to have played and coached both in Florida and nationally. This year will be no different.

Each summer, our focus is on providing quality developmental instruction to players that have a passion for the game, and are serious about improving. We want players to HAVE FUN, to LEARN, and to leave with an understanding of the work that they can do on their own to improve throughout the year.