"Know we haven't talked in a while but some of the things you post inspire me to stay positive in hard times... Keep up the great work Chazz, if you inspire a person like me I'm sure you inspire thousands of others even more"

"Hey Man. You're a very Big Inspiration to me. I remembered the First time i saw you on TV Playing Lacrosse. I was So amazed at the athletic ability and everything. I was so excited To watch you... I'm a big Fan of You and I Just wanted to say Thank You for being a big Inspiration on my heart. A lot of my friends were making fun of me and my 2 best friends because we said we're playing Lacrosse and we were the only 3 African American Lacrosse Players on the team. They had said it was a white mans sport. And that's when it hit me. My friends and I last season had proved them wrong and showed its not just a white man's sport. Its a sport for everyone. Doesn't matter what race you are... We would always Talk about how great you are and how much of an inspiration you are to us."

"[My son] doesnt forget who taught him to love this game....you are a good role model for these young men. I don't think i imagined my son playing lacrosse in college.....keep up your good work, the young people of Miami need your leadership! Adelante!"

"I really want to express how grateful I am that you came into my son's life. He needs a positive Black man to look up to. And for giving him the love of lacrosse. Again, thanks from my heart"

"My bro in Christ, I love how you are glorifying God with the talent he has given you. I want to go to div 1 and mll and glorify God just as you do,! I'm working everyday toward it"

"A few months back, you called [us] out (playfully) on picking up our sticks and getting back into the game. That was the spark that I needed, man. Since then, [we] have been gradually getting back in shape, and hope to continue to progress and get back to a very competitive level of fitness and athleticism.
... The reason that I thought of you in conjunction with [my workout group] is that they have continued to inspire and motivate me... both the trainers AND the trainees. Like you, they are just flat out good people. They believe in doing more for others than for themselves, have a sound relationship with God, etc. Everything that I've been trying to work into my daily life, they've helped me continue and strengthen those sorts of things. You started it all though, so thanks"

"We met you at the Fathers Day Breakfast in North Palm.
As I said that day, that was the best talk I have ever heard ... I truly hope we get you hear you speak again."

"I woke up this mornin. Randomly dissapointed n life checked out fb. Saw ur random post join push up club and clicked on to watch some inspirational video u posted. Just woke up. Did 100 push ups straight (1st time ever). Just realized There is inspiration in all of us just need a kick n ass occasionally. LIVE passionately!
Thx MR. Woodson w/out even knowing it u just helped me out bigtime! Go 100% at whatever u do!!!!!!!!!!!! Cya around cuz. Keep inspiring others don't underestimate the power of the Word. It's 1 of my goals also"

"Thank you. Thank you for giving me a reason to get up early in
the morning and strive to be the best. Thank you for the encouragement to keep my head held high when I lose a face-off or when im waiting on the wing for the game to start and the kid next to me looks up and calls me a nigger simply because im black. Thank you for letting me block out the negative and keep the positive in my life strong and healthy. Average is your enemy and failure is mine. In this game...this war game, derived from indian roots there is no room for failure. Now I am not trying to be you, I am trying to be like you. In fact I know that you would want me to be better and work on my game with blood, sweat and tears to let me reach my
maximum potential. I made varsity in lacrosse my freshman year (which I am in right now), and I try my hardest in school so that I will remain a scholar athelete. Without you none of my accomplisments so far would have been possible. It is all thanks to Allah, my father, and Chazz Woodson."

"hey bro, i thought i'd let ya know that your my hero, i look up to you in every way, try to copy all your tricks and moves, i hope to become big in the lax world like you and hopefully meet you some day, don't stop being great"

"being a black lacrosse player i wanted to say your an inspiration man and helped me be at the level of succes im at today thanx man , keep doin work"

"... i think its mad cool you take the time to talk to your fans god bless † , i saw one of your videos a while back and youve been my inspiration ever since. average "IS" my enemy"

"hey chazz big fan and i just wanted to personally say merry christmas and happy new year KEEP ON LAXIN MAN U ROCK"

"hey chazz you are the most amazing lacrosse player I know! the way you flow with your words and moves on the field is amazing."

"Chazz your my idol and I love what you do on the field it's amazing. You inspired me to play lacrosse"

"I really like the enthusiasm and energy in your Facebook, Twitter, etc...the sport is fortunate to have you involved."

"Chazz, thanks for being an inspiration you keep me going. Much love"

"Chazz you are role model for great lacrosse players, keep working hard and you will be rewarded for your efforts. It only took me fourteen years of dedication to coaching before I started to see some results. Good coaches are hard to find and you definitely fit the mold my friend."

"I know you might never see this but its worth a shot. Guys like you inspire me to push through highschool and further explore my love for lacrosse. Being a black guy I'm fighting the odds as it is, its good to have someone to model after.

Thanks for all you do, even without you knowing"

you are my inspiration in lax. Thank you o much for giving me the guts to take a rip from half field with one second left, or jumping over the goalie circle to make one of my best moments. You really are a hero to all your fellow laxers.
Keep Laxin"

"I never wouldve started playin LAX if it wasnt for my friend pushin me to try somethin new, i looked at youtube videos for almost a week straight last year and saw you and kyle harrison doin work, his dodges and your crazy amazing shots and stick skills had me hooked, i just want to thank you for doin what you do"

"hey chazz i know u prob get a lot of fan mail but ur my hero and if u get this message me back thanks"

" ... I'm pretty fast but want to be faster, and quicker then I already am, I want to be more than "average" you're like an idol to me man ...
... your skills and talent and agility just makes me want to be more than I already am, you inspire me, thanks once again"

"hey chazz i know you prly dont get this a lot but i want to say thank you. im thanking you because your the main reason im playing lacrosse right now and man its better than i thought. i looked at your highlights one day and was amazed at the moves you pulled off and the way you glide in the air making the goalie even go holy crap haha. so thank you for inspring me to become a lax player but also become a better one so in the future one day i could follow your footsteps. expect ill be going to DUKE!"

"My son ... specifically picked your Player's Choice camp on July 26-29th at UMass and can't wait to go ... You and your camp have made my son's summer ... and he hasn't even gone yet.
Thanks for supporting the camp and your fans. "

"Hey Chazz,
Thanks so much for your email a while back to my son, .... Those were great words of wisdon not only for lax, but for life. He really apreciated the advice."

"...thank you very much it means alot to me that you'd take sometime out of your schedule to help me out. It's amazing to Me that I'd be able to get tips from one of my idols. Hopefully I'll be seeing you play soon but I live in nj so it's a little hard haha, but thanks again it means alot."

"chazz you are an inspiration. The most athletic lacrosse player there is. One day I hope I can be as good as you."

"yo I just wanted to say your quotes on your website and your whole mindset is sick. And thanks for breaking the barriers on what's possible I try to live by your saying average is my enemy every day. Thanks again."

"hey man,
i just wannted to let u know you are insane, your my favorite player, and keep doing what u do"

"yo ur my hero man u prove that any race can play and actually do good in lax"

"Thanks for being a [facebook] friend Chazz, I'm in a rough part of my life but you're a great role model and I'm getting finally motivated to get in tip-top shape so I can take advantage of my MLL try-out in 2010. Hope to see you on the field some day"

"My name is ---- and I have been coaching lacrosse for a few years. Most recently I have been working 1 on 1 with a young player .... in upstate NY. He is a bright and energetic player and he is also the only african-american player on his lacrosse and hockey teams. I told him about you while practicing one day and he was very proud that another african american was such a dominant player in lacrosse."

"---- received his picture on the morning that his lax season began. He was over joyed and his aunt told me that he described you as follows. "He's like Sidney Crosby is in hockey, only in lacrosse, and he's black like me". He then proceeded to show her your website and videos on Youtube. He is only 11, but he is very bright and mature for his age. I think that the picture means more to him, than most people will ever realize. "

"Thanks so much for returning my email! I let my boys see that you
responded and they just lost it! They love you man! I hope that we
can bring you out and talk to our kids!"

"man your style is just sick.Your one of the players that have actually brought a flash and personallity to the game, and you game is more then solid.Man just do what you do and smash this season. by the way i love "average is my enemy" sick."

"dude u r my fav lax player i wanna play lax like u but i wantto become better than u"

"Good day, brother, Chazz ... my name is ---. My nephew is a fan of yours,
put me on to you. Growing up I never had the opportunity to play Lacrosse, but watching you play I'm kind of wishing that I did. Brother you are simply amazing. Your spoken word is deep as well."

"I had emailed you around Christmas asking for you to sign then poster for my little brother (which he enjoys very much btw). I want to thank you for taking the picture with me before your game today when you were comming out of the locker room and also taking the picture with me when you were signing autographs and signing the ball for me after the game!!!"

"Chazz, I am very impressed with your accomplishments! I hope all is well. I have thought about the phrase "Average is my enemy." Those words have limitless power."

"I recently became a big lacrosse fan and you are my favorite player because of the excitement and passion you bring to the game."